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designed to put -
maximum power to the pedals.

The cleats can be mounted in three different
fore-aft positions, yellow, green and blue,
depending on which cleat insert is used.

The "green" line insert mounting holes are drilled
on center as shown in the side image. This positions
the axles in-line with the bolt hole centers of the
shoes, providing higher efficiency, with less ankle
strain than the once traditional red-line positioning.

An optional cleat insert is made with the mounting
holes drilled 4mm offset from the center. This cleat
insert can be flipped to provide either the yellow
or blue line axle positions.

The cleat inserts provide 3 degrees of float, either
heel-in or heel-out, depending upon which shoe they
are installed on.

In the picture above, the lower right hand dot is to
the outside, so the heel will float 3 degrees from the
center to the outside, away from the crankarm.

If this same insert is put on the other shoe, the
lower white dot will be to the inside, so the heel
will float 3 degrees towards the crank from center.

Cleats sets are typically sold mirrored, such that
both feet float either heel-in or heel-out. However,
they can also be ordered matched for cyclists who
ride with one foot heel-in and the other heel-out.

This side image shows the approximate line of
force with an axle mounted in the once traditional
red-line position (2). This position is the number one
cause of "hot spots", and provides virtually no arch
support, making custom shoes and orthotics mostly
ineffective, since the arch of the shoe is essentially
floating beneath the foot, not pressing up into it.

The axle (1) corresponds to our blue-line position
which reduces pressure on the ball of the foot,
while providing greater arch and ankle support.
For many cyclists, particularly triathletes, this is the
most efficient and comfortable position, as it keeps
the lower legs fresher for the running stage.   
Stack Height: 11.5mm (pedal + cleat)
Cornering Clearance: 36 degrees
Bearing System: 2 rows needle & 1 row ball (patented)
Float Angle: +/- 3 degrees from center
Retention Mechanism: Tongue and groove step down to engage (patents pending)
Pedal Weight: 120 grams each (all stainless steel)
Cleat Weight: 46 grams each with carbon insert
Q Factor: 50.5 or 53.5mm* (with supplied 3mm spacer)

* Note: An optional axle with 58.5mm or 61.5mm (with 3mm supplied spacer) is available by special order.

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The COOMBE MILLENNIUM PRO pedal system is engineered
from the inside - out to provide the highest level of performance,
reliability and safety of any clip-in pedal system on the market.

Precision manufactured in the USA from the highest
quality materials, no expense has been spared
in building the world's finest pedal system.   

For maximum durability, the axles and pedal bodies are precision
manufactured from high strength stainless steel, and the pedals
incorporate a low friction, high efficiency, triple row bearing design,
built to last for thousands of miles with minimal maintenance.

The pedals and cleats have a large platform area that is
laterally stable and rock solid under pressure.

The cleats provide maximum power transfer, while being
simpler to engage, safer in an accident, and easier to
walk on than any other cleat design made to date.  

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COOMBE MILLENNIUM PRO pedals come with a 2 year warranty against defects in materials and
worksmanship (normal wear excluded).

The pedals can be ordered below with our risk free, unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

Please review all of the information provided above prior to ordering, and contact us at if you have any questions.

Note: the pedals are currently available in limited quantities as the production is being ramped up.
Newly placed orders will be shipped in the order they are received. The expected shipping date
is updated daily as new orders come in. In stock availability is anticipated by mid
September 2018.   
MILLENNIUM PRO Pedal Set with Cleats  $399.00
are fast and easy to engage by simply
pressing straight down on either side
of the dual sided pedal body.

The cleats are a two piece design
consisting of a high strength, light
weight, carbon fiber reinforced
insert that securely retains the
walking/retention pad to the sole.

The cleat pad is made of a resilient
grade of high tech Dupont Hytrel
polymer, which is wear resistant,
non-slip, aerodynamically shaped
and easier to walk on than any other
road pedal cleats.

The cleat pads incorporate front
and rear inwardly projecting tongues
which securely snap into engagement
with the rims on the pedal body.  

The cleat inserts are right and left
handed, providing either 3 degrees
of float to the inside or outside of center,
depending upon which shoe they are
installed on (right or left).
The cleat inserts are marked with white dots to show which way the heel will float from center. In the
picture above, the lower left dot indicates that the heel will float inward. This is also true if the insert
is rotated upside down, since the dots will still be in the same place. Therefore, for heel-out float this
same insert would be installed on the opposite shoe.

Unlike most other pedal systems, the cleat pads squeeze the pedal bodies, so there is no free play or
looseness in the connection. This provides high power transfer with no tendency to click or creak.

The cleats will have some friction in the float when new and do not require any lubrication. However,
the cleat tongues can be lightly lubricated with dry cleat lube to be more free floating and easier
to engage and disengage. Either way, over time the cleats will become more free floating.     

A noteworthy design feature of the retention mechanism is that when pushing down on the pedals,
the heel-in/out float range is positively stopped, because the downward force prevents further rotation.
This can be beneficial in a sprint where there may be a tendency for excessive heel-in/out movement.

With the feet unweighted, the pedals can be disengaged by rotating heel-in or heel-out, with enough
force to cam the cleat up and away from the pedal body.

However, the pedals can also be disengaged by rolling the cleats sideways in a supination manner.
This "roll out" method of release becomes natural with practice and is potentially safer in an accident.
The best way to do this is to push your knee to the outside, then roll your foot to disengage.

The standard cleat pads work well for most competitive cyclists. However, stiffer "track pads"
are available for professional track cyclists. Note: these do not freely float even when dry lubed.
Coombe Millennium Pro - ergonomic cleat positioning
Coombe Millennium Pro bicycle pedals - high performance - precision made in the USA
Coombe Millennium Pro - biomechanical axle position
Coombe Millennium Pro - walkble cleat design
Built to last a lifetime, COOMBE MILLENNIUM PRO pedals incorporate dual rows of full complement
drawn cup needle roller bearings, having a load rating of 900 pounds each, in conjunction with
an outer row of ball bearings.

The patented bearing design is extremely compact, yet provides maximum durability and efficiency
with the lowest friction and highest load rating of any pedals' bearing system.

The axles are made with high strength, heat treated stainless steel, and are generously sized for maximum
rigidity and power transfer, with up to 50% less deflection under load than some competitors' steel axles.

While some pedals are offered with titanium axles, it should be noted that when made to the same
dimensions as steel axles, titanium axles are only about 60% as rigid as steel, so the slight weight
savings is more than offset by the energy lost due to the increased flexing of the axle.

COOMBE MILLENNIUM  PRO axles are hollowed for weight reduction approaching that of solid
titanium axles, but provide the superior strength and rigidity that only stainless steel can offer.
High performance - Coombe Millennium Pro bicycle pedals
Orders placed today are scheduled to ship 8/31/2018
Coombe Millennium Pro - aerodynamic walkable cleats
MILLENNIUM PRO Cleat Set  $39.95
Ordering note: the "mirrored" cleat set enables both feet to float
either heel-in or heel-out. The "matched" cleat set is for cyclists
who ride with one foot heel-in and the other foot heel-out.
Select Cleat Position
Coombe Millennium Pro walking pads
MILLENNIUM PRO Cleat Pads  $19.95
In stock
Note: the "Track" pad is only recommended for strong track riders.
Coombe Millennium Pro Carbon Cleat Inserts
MILLENNIUM PRO Cleat Inserts  $19.95
Select Cleat Position
Select Cleat Position
Select Pad Stiffness
In stock
In stock
The MILLENNIUM PRO cleats come
with shims which can be used to adapt
to shoe soles having more curvature.

Additionally, one or both of the shims
can be used to increase the release
tension, and/or increase the useful
lifespan of the cleat pad.

The shims are simple to install on
the backside of the pads, and are
keyed to stay in place.
Ordering note: the "mirrored" cleat set enables both feet to float
either heel-in or heel-out. The "matched" cleat set is for cyclists
who ride with one foot heel-in and the other foot heel-out.
Ordering note: the "mirrored" inserts enable both feet to float
either heel-in or heel-out. The "matched" inserts are for cyclists
who ride with one foot heel-in and the other foot heel-out.
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